Krefeld is where Jamie writes to Maddie from, so of course I must include it in this post.

(Click on this photo for more photos of captured German aircraft in Köthen)

Köthen is where Womelsdorff and Rose stop to refuel en route to Ravensbrück. Köthen has a problem today with kind of a lot of unexploded leftover bombs from WWII, which you can read about here and here.

Neubrandenburg is about half an hour north of Fürstenberg, where Ravensbrück was located. Rose was allowed to use the pilots’ restroom there before being locked in overnight in the back of the truck that took her to Ravensbrück the next day.

Ravensbrück‘s gate as Rose would have seen it. The gate on the left was for prisoners; the small one to the right was the SS gate.

Ravensbrück’s gate today (click on the picture for some interesting blog posts)

This view of Fürstenberg would be what Rose describes as looking like a “Scenes from Old Europe” picture on a jigsaw puzzle. She saw this on her walk from the camp to the Siemens factory.

A map for some perspective on the location of Fürstenberg, Ravensbrück, and the lakes.

The Bunker, where Rose stayed for two weeks. Irina was in solitary confinement here for four months.

This device was from Dachau camp, but Rose was likely given her fünfundzwanzig on something very similar.

Sleeping quarters

More about Ravensbrück here

Nuremberg Palace of Justice where the Doctors’ Trials were held

Inside the Palace of Justice (click on the picture to see more; these two photos come from TripAdvisor and there is a whole gallery of user photos to look at)

Grand Hotel in Nuremberg


70 Years After Nuremberg