Airplanes and Doodlebugs

A Pictorial Summary of Aeroplanes Mentioned in Rose Under Fire

Also Some Doodlebugs

Tempest (what Celia Forester crashed)

Proctor (what Rose flew Uncle Roger in as she made her way to Scotland for Maddie’s wedding)

Heinkel HE-111 (flashcard familiarisation)

Hudson (what Jamie tells Maddie he is flying in his letter to her)

Oxford (what Rose flew to France and buzzed the Eiffel Tower with)

Spitfire (what Rose was flying home from France when she was intercepted)

Swallows (Schwalben) ME-262 (what the Germans are flying when they intercept Rose)

Stork (Storch) Fiesler Fi 156 (what Rose and Womelsdorff fly to Neubrandenburg, and what Rose, Róża, and Irina fly out of Germany)

B-17 Flying Fortress (what Rose and Irina watched flying overhead during the air raid)

C-47 Dakota (what Rose and Maddie rode in on V-E Day and buzzed the Eiffel Tower in the second time; also what Rose and Róża ride in to the Adriatic)

Piper Cub (Rose’s dad’s plane that she took her friends for rides in in Pennsylvania)

V-1 Flying Bomb, aka Vergeltungswaffe, Vengeance Weapon 1, doodlebug, buzz bomb (Rose’s greatest fear at the beginning of the book)

Spitfire tipping a flying bomb